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Product Strategy


A History of Keeping Clients Ahead of the Pack with Forward Thinking.

Magnetic has long been a leader in emerging technologies. This includes being on the front end of mobile app development, responsive website development, ad technologies, and AR/VR. In fact, we were one of the first agencies to develop AR games for retail in 2013.

Our strategy team has over 20 years of experience in digital technologies, including emerging and innovative trends. We can work alongside you to create a simple quick win or a fully planned, long-term roadmap to mature an entire channel. We know technology changes quickly and we adapt to match the speed of your business needs.

Data-Driven Design Thinking.

Design isn’t about a lucky hunch or a great instinct that comes naturally to some. Design thinking is a philosophy grounded in the idea that good design comes from informed decision-making. Our team is driven to get the customer experience right, and that is dependent on knowing your customers as well as you do. We don’t guess; we derive insights based on facts and data points. Good design is the perfect blend of business needs, customer wants, and data-driven insights. This is the holistic approach that results in intuitive design. Magnetic combines industry trends with compelling insights to design products that resonate with customers. The proof of our success is in the thousands of 5 star ratings our products earn every day. Daily collaboration between our designers and technology teams result in innovation that is on brand, on budget, and unbeatable.


  • On-Site Design Insights Analysis
  • Yearly UI & UX Trend Reports
  • Custom User Experience Product Dashboards
  • Quarterly Baseline & Metric Monitoring
  • Daily Customer App Store Review Monitoring

Competitive Research & Analysis.

If you know your competition’s playbook, you can own the field. Knowing this information creates the opportunity to lead the pack vs. simply matching the competition. Looking at strengths and weaknesses in yourself and your competition tilts the playing field in your direction. Magnetic has been doing complex competitive analysis of our customer’s markets for over nine years. Our insights helped make our customers #1 in digital prowess. It also helped us lead in technology innovations like AR/VR, gamification, personalization, responsive website design, and retail e-commerce mobile applications. We were among the first in all these technologies, based on an innovative spirit fueled by curiosity and the desire to be ahead of the curve.


  • Annual Competitive Analysis by Industry, Vertical, & Digital Channel Evaluations
  • Emerging Technology Trend Reports
  • Digital SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Benchmarking & Emerging Technology Scoring
  • Yearly UI & UX Trend Reports

Emergent Thinking & Digital Transformation Strategy.

The world is an ever-changing place and it takes work to keep up, let alone get ahead of others. Our team of experts is constantly evaluating emerging technologies and market trends in order to bring our clients forward thinking that lets them lead into the future instead of getting surprised by it. For organizations who have yet to fully realize the benefits of digital, we can support transformations to help unlock unrealized business value. Our collaborative approach enables your teams to feel part of the transformation and empowers them to be part of creating their future.


  • Discovery & Visioning
  • Innovation Lab & Rapid Prototyping
  • Project Assessments & Piloting
  • Digital Transformation & Consulting

Digital Roadmapping & Platform Maturity.

From concept to commercialization, we can plan your scaled digital maturity for today and tomorrow. We have more than a decade of experience driving digital omni-channel roadmaps for millions of customers. We believe in quick, agile wins that build trust and create earned scale, making you a hero and innovator to your organization.


  • Multi-year Innovation Platform Maturity Planning
  • Product & Channel Roadmapping
  • Architectural Technology Stack Design & Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy