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Loyalty Services


Loyalty Services are in Our DNA.

Magnetic Mobile has been working in the loyalty services space with billion dollar retail customers for over 10 years. In fact, our Founders, Beck and Barry Besecker, were coupon loyalty innovators and even built a whole company around loyalty engagement and offer management – Copient (founded: 1998).

Beck actually sold Copient, along with his company’s product, AMS (Advanced Marketing Solution) which is a front-end offer management platform, to NCR (National Cash Register) in 2003.  He also pioneered the automated receipt coupon tape print outs in the early 90s. Yes, you can thank him (or lame him) for the crazy long CVS receipts! His clients included Tesco (the pioneer in grocery loyalty) and Target. So when we say we know loyalty, we truly were at its inception.

Loyalty Services and Strategic Thinking

There are countless ways to reach your loyal customers and build brand affinity; however, at its heart, it’s really about creating intentional engagements that build trust and offering your customers an experience which will leave them happy. Magnetic Mobile has been working with national leading bands like Culver’s and Speedway to increase winning engagements and improve national retail recognition through our loyalty services. We do this in four ways:

Magnetic CORE Loyalty Services and Strategies

1. Make loyalty easy.
If consumers have to think they will lose interest. Your loyalty strategy should be intuitive, easy to understand, and even easier to sign up for. The benefit message should so simple that a child understands it.

3. Loyalty shouldn’t be an even trade. 
The modern consumer expects to get more than they give and under-funded programs or stale offers are the death of good loyalty. A good loyalty program’s end results will be a larger ROI as it converts to a higher value customer, but you first have to be willing to place your loyalty bet.

2. Experience is Loyalty. 
The way you approach your store branding should be the way you approach your digital branding for loyalty. In fact, Mobile should be the first thing a customer thinks of when they think of your loyalty. 

4. Loyalty Is a Continuous Investment.
Building a program that sustains your business isn’t about creating a “set it and forget it” program. It’s about constantly mining for the next want of your customer, understanding your customer’s voice, and continuing to reflect the necessary changes in your loyalty strategy.

At Magnetic Mobile, we take these four core strategies and transform them into engaging and winning loyalty investments using technology and good design to push your customer to be your biggest brand champion.

Front-end Loyalty Consumer Experience Design​

Data without visual design is just a spreadsheet. Translating data into meaningful visualization allows your consumers to truly see the value of your program. Creating a mechanisms that challenges them and keeps them invested in your program is essential to a successful loyalty program. Consumers expect great UX (User Experience) and even cleaner UI (User Interface) design. The Magnetic Mobile team has been building nearly perfect 5-Star rated loyalty apps, rated by over 100K users, for over a decade. We turn loyalty from data to consumer driven behaviors. 


  • Personalized Rewards Profile Feeds
  • Trip-driving Club Interactions
  • Points & Dollar Consumer Visualization
  • Tiered Rewards User Experience
  • Loyalty User Journey Messaging
  • Visual Coupons & CPG Products Visualization
  • Visual Digital Loyalty Cards

Loyalty Gamification & Innovation.

Driving Innovation to Meet Customer Demand

Loyalty isn’t just about building your brand, it’s a give and take relationship with your customers. Customers are giving you their data and providing access to themselves in exchange for something in return – mutually-beneficial engagement. The modern consumer demands a more holistic approach to loyalty, expects exceptional ’round the clock customer service, an intuitive user experience, and they expect to be in control of their data while seeing a clear, beneficial path towards advancement within the loyalty program. This is why we at Magnetic Mobile have been actively working over the last ten years to create innovative loyalty engagement solutions like Gamification. Gamification is the key to unlock loyalty engagement using innovative technology and connecting it to in-store purchases. 


  • Automated Pushes based on Gamification Engagement, to drive engagement
  • Store Trip Builder & Clubs User Interfaces designed to encourage visits and spend
  • Interactive AR (Augmented Reality) Games Tied to Purchases made made in-store
  • Loyalty Badges tied to In-Store Purchases, in a Road Trip style scavenger hunt to encourage multiple location engagement
  • Augmented Reality Offers – using CHARGE AR to give offers a unique angle and support Metaverse support in the near future
  • Digital mobile racing game connected to POS, to drive store-trips and earn power-ups based on in-store purchase. This has increased engagement with the brand and more importantly significantly increased basket size and frequency of trips.

Power Up.

0 X
Spend Per Customer

Racers vs. Non-Digital Customers

0 X
Trips Per customer

Racers vs. Non-Digital Customers

0 X
Spend Per Customer

Racers vs. Digital Customers

Magnetic has created multiple digital gaming campaigns that move the consumer further down the loyalty funnel, by increasing spend, delighting them with compelling and valuable content, and building brand affinity using fun and playful approaches guided by business requirements.

AMS - Advanced Marketing Solutions Experts

Our founder, Beck Besecker, invented AMS so we are your AMS extension experts. We have been building custom add-ons to AMS for many years. These have included omni-channel distribution models for kiosks and in-store displays as well as for iOS, Android, and website apps. We have literally over 40 third-party integrations to support the digital ecosystem of NCR’s AMS across major brands.


  • Loyalty Personalization
  • Responsive Website Offers
  • Push & Inbox Messages
  • Mobile Tile Offers
  • Digital Wallet Offer Management
  • Age-Verified Offers
AMS and Loyalty Strategy

Loyalty Competitive Analysis

At Magnetic Mobile, we actively study the best leaders in loyalty on a quarterly and yearly basis based on the verticals our customers operate in, their competitors, and any additional digital features in the space.

Methodology & Process FOR Competitive ANALYSIS

  • Competitive Analysis by Industry or Market
  • Digital Feature Comparison by Channel (Social, email, apps, websites, kiosks, in-store displays)
  • Best in Industry Loyalty Trends
  • Emerging Technology Trends for Loyalty (Connected Car, AR/VR)
  • Mobile Loyalty Apps Best Practices
  • New Emerging Program and Features
  • Magnetic Mobile Proprietary Loyalty Scoring Matrix for Retailers