Endless E-Commerce and the Apple Vision Pro

Jeff Thoele

The E-commerce Applications are Endless

As the title states above, the E-commerce applications for the Apple Vision Pro are endless.

Aside from the obvious utilitarian applications like workplace optimizations and fully immersive working set up, the possibility for a truly immersive shopping home is another experience to gain customer loyalty in AR/VR. The ability to physically walk the virtual store and see product dimensions, color, and shape has strong e-commerce applications. The mixed reality benefits of the Vision Pro headset allow the consumer to see tangible benefits of the product without leaving their home (or feeling like they are trapped in a headset). Plus, the ability to personalize the application to their unique living situation is unmatched in the space currently. “Will that mixer color clash with my backsplash?” or “ Is this fitness equipment too big to fit in my guest room?”. These are all real-life applications that the Vision Pro could solve for consumers. 

Add the ability to provide real-time in-home advertising for users provides the consumer with the best of all citations, to get the right deal at the right time in their unique user case and applications. The use cases for the Vision Pro seem to be limitless for 3D e-commerce solutions.

Showcasing Apple Vision Pro Features
Image used from The New Stack – Original Image from Apple.com/apple-vision-pro/

3D Is More Accessible Than Ever

Apple has been pushing towards the expansion of 3D content usage with each iteration of their device line-up. The LiDAR scanner has been a staple feature on Pro IOS devices for years, allowing for more accurate photogrammetric scans of everyday objects and environments. In the next generation of Pro IOS devices, the side-by-side main and ultrawide camera lenses will allow for 3D spatial video shooting for viewing on the Vision Pro. Different types of 3D content are becoming easier to make and more accessible to engage with. Slowly but surely, 3D models and videos are beginning to compete with their 2D counterparts in immersion and engagement.

E-commerce and the Endless Aisle - Meeting your customers where they are

E-Commerce and the Endless Aisle

Retailers have been chasing the endless aisle dream since the beginning of the .dot ecommerce revelation. However, interaction in-store vs online is still a very two-dimensional interaction. It’s really just a list with prices and that isn’t at all immersive, it’s really just click and collect. This is a far cry from the rush and physical emotion of walking the store. Research has shown that online shopping reduces impulse spending, versus in-store purchases. And while e-tailers like Amazon have made a world of progress for personalization, the immersive value of “touching and feeling” the physical experience is still a long way off. This interactive experience could be the key to provide the best hybrid virtual and physical shopping experience yet. 

The consumer has been taught offers are the trade-off for their data, and offers are still the number one way businesses build loyalty to the consumer. 3D offers and fully immersive shopping experiences would allow for real-time ad marketing in a space that is not limited by space or time. The benefits of this are exceptional to both the consumer and the business. The framework of 3D is by its nature a perfect meld of data and offer management. These types of applications, tied to immersive user journey messaging, allows the marketer to tell the product story in a whole new way, with the consumer in the driver’s seat and the product as the star of the show. The static nature of product aisle tags would be eliminated. In their place, immersive and interactive content like nutrition information, product specs, and pricing could all be dynamically contextualized to the location of the product and fed to the model, made to fit the consumer’s needs.

One-to-one marketing becomes one-to-many marketing, using personalization, product benefit features, and product contextualization in the office, home, outside, and more! The marketer cannot get more close than one-to-one marketing use cases than seeing a product in the consumer space, along with a unique offer targeted to them, based on buying data.

Where do you see the Future of 3D E-Commerce Going?

With the Apple Vision Pro, Apple is currently positioning themselves, and this product, without necessarily having E-Commerce front of mind. As experts in the field of Augmented Reality and 3D, though, we see the application for the Apple Vision Pro as an amazing opportunity in E-Commerce.

At Magnetic Mobile, we have a vision of our own.

We’re really excited about this particular piece of technology and believe that while 3D E-Commerce might be one of thousands of applications that could come from something like the Apple Vision Pro – it’s also one of the most exciting.

And valuable.

Which brings us to Magnetic Mobile’s own proprietary Augmented Reality platform, Charge AR. Charge AR is the FIRST AR solution designed to bridge e-commerce with personalization through targeted messaging/marketing in Augmented Reality.

We have 10+ years of AR experience/expertise and we’re a Platinum Partner with 3D Cloud by Marxent – The pioneer in retail AR.

You can check out our website for Charge AR or fill out the form below if you’ve got any questions about Magnetic Mobile, Charge AR, or our vision for 3D E-Commerce.

AR Works. Charge up your E-Commerce Experience
Information provided by 3D Cloud by Marxent from January – December 2021


Information collected and written by Magnetic Mobile’s VP of Strategy & Experience, Jessi Sparks along with our Lead 3D Artist, Josh Drouillard

Header image – Magnetic Mobile Imagining Comp – by our UI & Graphic Design Specialist, Kelli Hunt

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